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do they listen when you speak?

The marketing equivalent of charisma is magnetic content. Or, in simpler terms, it's that captivating factor that effortlessly attracts your target audience.

You don't want to exhaust yourself trying to write only for people to scroll past you, do you? Creating content that resonates is kindaaa what we do. Plus, our signature offer comes with loads of storytelling techniques to keep your customers engaged.

When you work with us, we'll tell your brand story your way and sell your brand the right way.

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Copy & Content

Essentially the whole shebang: content strategy, research, writing, and everything in between.

my menu of magic

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All-In VIP

Content Week

We'll go laser-focused on getting all your content & copy done together the whole week.*

*Limited to 3 VIPs per month.

Ya girl needs to rest too!

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1:1 Consultation & Strategy Session

Whether you need an extra pair of eyes or you're DIY-ing your writing, I'll give you the expert insights you need.

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Hop on a Brainwriting Session with me.

Let's talk about what kind of work needs to be done and how we're going to tackle it.

my signature, hands-on

3-step system

Once ready, I'll show you what I've written then we'll get everything polished before we launch to sell. Pop the champagne, you guys!

I'll present you with a strategy doc and content outline to prep for any writing I'll do for you.

Then I'll go back to my hole and start writing!


Design with Glory

"Erin knows her craft very well. Although my initial drafts were a mess, she created copy that went perfectly for my website. Erin consistently delivers quality work, and I have full confidence in her."

client testimonials


Explorer's Way Travel and Tours

They don't just do their work to be done, they put effort in everything. What I love about working with them is they review your needs and share their insights, then they present everything with collaboration.


Creative Hive Co.

[Erin] understands my brand, goals, and target audience so well. [...] She is incredibly knowledgeable and always creates amazing work, concepts and ideas. Never have I met a copywriter who is so easy to work with, so talented and invested in my business.

refine your brand message and get your stories straight

This Brand Story Workbook contains a series of questions about your brand, your audience, your offers, and your content marketing efforts. All designed to bring out all the story ideas you can create magnetic content around.

Trust me, when you already know what to say, more people will come and listen to you... and follow you... and buy from you. :)

When you know how to create good content, everything becomes instantly easier.

Growing your social media following? Check. Getting people to buy from your website? Check. Generating buzz and excitement? Duh.

I have created an ever-growing hub of free resources that we update every month.

There may be no such thing as free lunch, but

here are tons of resources you could use to make consistent sales and buy yourself a hearty meal.

storified content resource library

hey, i'm erin! :)

Stories are the fuel that gets me going. I've been in love with them (reading + writing) since 1999.

From personal social media posts that gets everybody emotional to data-driven, conversion-oriented copies that shine a light on brands to sell.

Thing is, I used to think I'd grow up to be a creative writer. I mean, that's why I got a degree in Literature. But then I took a wild leap of faith and switched over to writing for businesses.

If you want authentic, impactful content & copy powered by storytelling.... ones that you're going to be proud of and that your audience will love reading, then Guided Letters is your best bet.

join my new facebook group

Called it "Storified Content for Digital Marketing" because I'm a huge believer of how storytelling

can get you the people you need

for the income you want. Consistently.

You'll get free resources, tips, advice, and chances to connect with fellow content geeks.

I'm brewing plans for future live workshops and other group-exclusive programs.

Anyone in?

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